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#1di anthony77 - 28 Mar 2019 13:42:04

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Interview for internships become casual work?

Hi everyone

I found you surfing the net and I would like to ask you an opinion: I did two interviews with a company looking for an intern. Yesterday was the first day and they didn't let me sign anything, but they gave me a sheet where I could record the hours of presence. Today, suspicious of not having received any paper to sign yet, I asked and was told that they will make me appear as an occasional collaborator with withholding tax (the reimbursement of expenses of 500 euros they had told me about) for 6 months! But I have read that occasional collaboration must be contracted anyway, and furthermore I cannot stay for more than 30 days with the same client (and they will keep me 6 months) .. Is this normal? What should I do? I am a bit afraid to talk about it with the boss as they told me it was for recruitment purposes ..


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